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Wisdom Hijra (1 Muharram Hikmah)

"Let every soul concerned (introspection) about what he has done for the day tomorrow (Surat al afterlife ),".( Hashr: 18).
EVERY 1st of Muharram Muslims all over the world commemorated the new Hijri know, the early years of the Islamic calendar. Migrated as a monumental event in the history of early Islam as a momentum calculation Hijri Year.The emergence of the idea of ​​making the "pilgrimage" as the beginning of Islam appeared in the reign of Caliph Umar ibn Khathab ra. This is based on the consideration of the need to determine independently the calculation of the Islamic year. The idea expressed by Ali ibn Abi Talib ra who then agreed to the companions.

Then the Caliph Umar was set as the beginning of the Islamic pilgrimage. He made the calendar as a new era of Islamic development, because it contains a calendar of spiritual meaning and historical value is very high price for the religion and Muslims, when Muslims left Mecca to Yathrib (Medina). Counts Hijra year is based on preliminary calculations or Qomariyah appearance of moonlight, the count begins at sundown at the end of the day before a Muharam.
The names of months of the year include: Muharam (months purified), Safar (month blank), Rabial-Awwal (first spring), Jumad Al-Sani (second spring), Rajab (in praise), Shaban (in division), Ramadan (month of very hot), Shawwal (month of hunting), Zul-Qaeda (in resting), and Zul Hijjah (the month of pilgrimage).
Islamic calendar system that does not take the name of the 'Year of Muhammad' or 'Year' Umar '. That is, does not contain elements of worship someone or protrusion of personification, but taken from the events that became the turning point of history of struggle in the early spread of Islam.
Hijra in Arabic commonly interpreted as "moving from one to another place" or "abandon an action", can be understood to be migrated and migrated maknawiyah lahiriyah.
First, move lahiriyah meaningful move from one place to the better, to get a better life world and the hereafter. Second, move meaningful. That leaves a prohibited act which Allah Ta'ala, as corroborated by a hadith the Prophet Muhammad narrated by Imam Bukhari.
People who emigrate it is he who leaves what Allah prohibited.Maknawiyah Hijra is the duty of every believer when and wherever it is located.In addition to Umar, who contributed to the Hijri calendar year was Ali ibn Abi Talib. It was he who sparked the idea that the Muslim calendar begins its calculations
Hijrah is a strategy to be achieved towards a better life. Hijrah is the momentum of the journey and struggle towards lofty ideals form a civil society, beginning with the close tangle of Muslim solidarity (ukhuwah Islamiyah) between the Emigrants and the Helpers, and ultimately merged entity in a pluralist society and inter-religious coexistence harmoniously.
That's why the concept of hijra and lessons need to be reviewed and practiced by religious people and communities. Each turn of the time, day after day until the year after year, usually bring new hope to a better state, the days we went through should always be better than previous days.In other words, the event moved to teach us to be better from day to day. Prophet Hadiths are very popular states, "Whoever today better than yesterday, is one of the lucky ones. When the day is the same as yesterday, it means people lose money, and if today is worse than yesterday, is the wretched ".
At the beginning of the new Hijri year, we can design a life for the better with the move, ie change bad into good behavior.
According to the Quraish Shihab, one of the reflections it is to reflect events hijra of the Prophet Muhammad. Hijrahnya Prophet SAW is a form of optimism and migrated contain values ​​and civilization. When the Prophet migrated to the city called Yathrib, he explained, he then changed the name of his city to Medina, the Prophet and there he began a new civilization and new values ​​are instilled, which are now popular we know as civil society.
The attitude of the Prophet SAW indicated optimism is important to be learning when we face a crisis like that happening today. In addition, togetherness is also one of the keys to the success of achieving change.
It is proved that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad with Abu Bakr was being chased the Qurais, then hid in the cave. later, Abu Bakr was worried about the safety of the Prophet, and the Prophet said, "O, Abu Bakr do not be afraid because God is with us."
Unlike when the time of Prophet Musa, who was also implementing the move. At a time when the Pharaoh to chase him and his people, Moses said, "O my people, do not be afraid because the Lord With Me.". That form of togetherness that the Prophet taught to his people in the event of emigration.
In addition, the move also taught us about the need for careful planning, hard work and togetherness to achieve a goal. As has been done when the Muslims migrated to medina.
Prophet's hijra event has passed during the 1431 year. But the meaning and spirit of the pilgrimage should remain embedded in the hearts and souls of the Muslims. The Muslims should "emigrate" to leave behind anything that is prohibited by God leads to obedience to Allah, the Prophet Muhammad as the Prophet: "The person who emigrated is that (leaving) nothing that is prohibited by Allah". (Reported by Bukhari).Immediately ahead of the Hijri New Year, will pass you by?

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